Learn How to Play Padel – Everything You Need to Know

Learn to play padel tennis in Dubai by learning its rules. To play the game, you need to master some technical skills. It would help if you practiced speed and racquet handling to control the ball better. There are four main ways to win and lose points in padel. This article will teach you more about these four ways to win or lose points. Once you have mastered these skills, you can start playing padel with friends.

Diamond-shaped padel racket:

There are several advantages to a diamond-shaped padel racket. This shape offers less weight and a lower balance than other padel rackets. A diamond-shaped padel racket will be easier to swing and allow you to strike the ball with the center of the racket. If you’re switching to a diamond-shaped padel racket, get a lighter racket to compensate for the skewed balance. The added overgrip will shift the balance lower.

Rules of padel:

The Rules of Padel are relatively simple. Players must be behind the line before they can serve legally and must hit the ball onto their opponent’s court. Failing to serve legally is referred to as a “fault,” and the player must then serve the ball again. If the serve goes over the net, it will be called a “double fault,” and the opposing team scores a point. Padel rules are easy to understand if you’ve played a couple of times.

Court dimensions:

Padel courts are 20m long and 10m wide. They are enclosed by walls made from concrete blocks or toughened glass. The walls are symmetrical and extend a minimum of 4m down the length of the court. A service line is 3m behind the back walls. The net is 10m long and 0.88m high at the center and net posts. It must be round. This is an important aspect of the game of padel.

Out-of-court plays:

There are two types of out-of-court plays in padel: push and serve. Push is considered a proper return, which must have the same impact and exit as a serve. Pushing the ball requires that it bounce through a hole in the metallic fence, hit a wall, or stick to a flat surface. Push and service are considered valid serves. Push and serve are both considered pushes, and the game’s goal is to win two out of three sets.